I make images that are authentic, psychologically resonant, and emotionally complex. My paintings are representational but not academic. My Gatherings paintings combine religious, political, and recreational events that highlight the excitement and inherent danger of large groups. These paintings initially came from watching the news with my wife in the mornings before work and seeing the similarities between crowds outside the morning shows, people attending sporting events, and protesters marching for change. Using contemporary events as sources and inspiration keeps me looking forward. I am increasingly drawn to the excitement and inherent danger of large groups.

Byron Anway is an artist and educator living and working in Lincoln NE. Byron received his MFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Studio Art and a BA from Luther College in Art and Education. He has taught at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, The University of Nebraska-Omaha, Nebraska Wesleyan University, the International School of Brussels in Belgium, and the American Academy-Casablanca in Morocco.